FAQs on Registration:

How do I apply to be an ICIA-PAKISTAN student?

What are the entry requirements for the ICIA-PAKISTAN Qualification?

What documents do I need to register as a student?

How long does it take to register as a student?

Can I obtain a letter confirming I am a registered student?

What fees are payable?

Is exam and exemption fee same?

Is the institute offering the exemptions?

What exemptions can I apply for?

How do I study for my ICIA-PAKISTAN exams?

Can I submit my registration form and pay at a later date?

Can I enter for exams during the registration process?

When do exams take place?

If I pass the certification program of CIA, CMSA, CITA or CICE, can I use the letters after my name?

Students’ FAQs on exemptions:

What is an exemption?

Why does ICIA-PAKISTAN award exemptions?

What types of qualification does ICIA-PAKISTAN award exemptions to?

What exemptions are available?

How can I find out what exemptions I’m entitled to?

When can I apply for exemptions?

What documents do I need to submit with my application for exemptions?

Why did I not receive the exemptions I expected?

When/how can I pay for my exemptions?

Why do I have to pay for exemptions?

How much do I need to pay for exemptions?

Do I have to accept all exemptions I’m entitled to?

Do I need to have achieved a specified mark in my individual modules to claim individual paper exemptions?

I have been awarded credit by my institution for some of the modules specified for exemption on the exemption enquiry database. Can I claim the exemptions?

I have not completed my degree – can I apply for exemptions?

Students’ FAQs on exam entry:

Can I enter for an exam during the initial registration process?

How long do I have to complete the exams?

Where can I take my exams?

How many exams can I take at each exam session under Foundations in Accountancy?

Will I be able to sit my exams at the centre that I have requested?

I require special facilities at the exam centre, is this possible?

Students’ FAQs on exams:

If I fail an exam and have already submitted an exam entry for the upcoming session, will I be able to amend my exam entry so I can take the resit at this session?

How many exams can I take at each exam session?

FAQs about sitting an exam:

What happens on the exam day?

Where can I find the rules and regulations in relation to sitting an examination?

What happens if I forget my photographic ID on the day of my exam?

What happens if I arrive late for my exam?

If something happens at the exam centre that affects my performance, can I make a complaint?

Exam questions were not answered in order. Will this be a problem?

FAQs about exam results:

When are results issued?

What can I do if I think that my results are incorrect?

Students’ FAQs on payments:

When should I submit my annual subscription to ICIA-PAKISTAN?

How can I make payment?

Membership FAQs:

Does ICIA-PAKISTAN provide a route for its members to become members of other bodies?

Do you provide any other routes to ICIA-PAKISTAN membership?

I am an ICIA-PAKISTAN member having difficulty paying my fees. Can ICIA-PAKISTAN help?

Why do I need to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) and is this mandatory?

What are ICIA-PAKISTAN’s requirements for completing continuing professional development (CPD)?

How do I notify ICIA-PAKISTAN that I have completed the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements?

I forgot to submit my declaration by 1 January, what should I do?

I am unemployed; do I still need to comply with the continuing professional development (CPD) requirement?

I have been awarded a continuing professional development (CPD) waiver. Do I need to make a declaration?

I can’t afford to attend courses in order to meet the continuing professional development (CPD) requirements. What else can I do?

I no longer work in accounting or finance; will I still have to do continuing professional development (CPD)?

I am currently studying and don’t have time for CPD – what should I do?