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ICIA-PAKISTAN auditors are world leaders in internal auditing, management systems auditing, information technology auditing and internal control. Join ICIA-PAKISTAN and you can take advantage of the following benefits:

Professional Recognition:

  • Join ICIA-PAKISTAN to be recognized as a competent auditor. ICIA-PAKISTAN auditors are highly valued by employers worldwide as the leading auditing professionals, who have demonstrated the highest standards of training, audit and work experience
  • ICIA-PAKISTAN registration improves your career prospects; you will gain the title ‘ICIA-PAKISTAN-certificated auditor’, and can use the logo on your email and business documents. You will also be listed on our online directory which is widely used by employers to find our qualified auditors.
  • ICIA-PAKISTAN registration is a way of demonstrating your commitment to ongoing career development. Continuing professional development is a key part of the ICIA-PAKISTAN journey and ICIA-PAKISTAN supports you in maintaining your knowledge and skills as an auditor.


  • Technical updates, reports and webinars on internal audit, management system audit, information technology audit and internal control.
  • The latest news from the auditing world with ICIA-PAKISTAN’s e-newsletter Inform.
  • Digital and interactive resources on auditing,
  • Exclusive access to ICIA-PAKISTAN’s online E-Library, which contains thousands of journals, magazines and industry publications.


  • Join ICIA-PAKISTAN’s private LinkedIn Group and other social media links where you can discuss issues with auditors around the world
  • Attend seminars and events with high-profile speakers and delegates. ICIA-PAKISTAN’s global profile is growing, and technical experts have been giving seminars across Asia and Europe. Members are the first to find out about these events.

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