Mr. Kamran Javed



 Chairman Management & Oversight Committee

The Management Committee manages the affairs of the Institute and controls all assets, liabilities, income and expenditure of the Institute.

Oversight Committee:
The Oversight Committee is responsible for supervising the overall Management and administration of the Institute within Management. It monitors and reports on the implementation of policies, plans and budgetary performance to the Management Committee.


Dr. Talat Shabbir Lt Col (R)

PhD International Relations (QAU)

Chairman Strategic & International Relations Committee:

The Committee is responsible for Long Term Strategic Vision and Plan, annual Strategy Plan and its alignment with the Long Term Strategic Plan.  Updates on the execution of the Annual Strategy Plan by reporting on the Annual Operations Work Programme in respect of all the operated and non-operated areas of the Institute, on a quarterly by maintaining high standards throughout the Research and Development Program.


Mr. Khurram Shahzad


Chairman Audit & Accounts Committee:
The Audit & Accounts Committee helps the Management   Committee meet its responsibilities with regard to financial systems and controls including regulatory and statutory compliance, Financial Management, and ethical standards.

Mr.  Junaid ul Haq Aziz


Chairman Corporate Relations Committee:

The Corporate Relation Committee will be in contact with  corporate professionals, financial institutions and the other related  companies to introduce the CIA-PAKISTAN® vision and methodology through day to day meetings , seminars, conferences and with the use of social media.


Mr.  Hassan Ahmed


Chairman Qualifications Committee:
The Qualifications Committee is responsible for advising the  Management Committee on all aspects of professional education and development within Management.


Mr. Sajid Amin


Chairman Membership Committee:
The Membership Committee is responsible for recommending candidates to the Management Committee for admission to membership.


 Mr.  Abid Hussain Chohan

Advocate High C0urt


Chairman Legal Committee:

The Legal Committee will be responsible for the day to day legal   matters and the preparation of course material for the company law , Tax law etc. And also helps and advice the institute’s management to make proposal and the Memorandum of Understandings with the other organizations, institutions and the Universities.   


Mr.  Fawad Rasheed

Advocate High Court 

Chairman HR Committee:

The HR Committee is responsible for Work with the Chairman   to define the short-term and long-term human resources needs.  It also Review employee handbook and other personnel policies. Perform an internal annual HR audit to ensure PROP policies and processes are upheld.


Mr. Sohail Siddiq Ansari

Advocate & Media Person Jang Group

Chairman R & D Committee:

The Committee is responsible for maintaining high standards throughout the Research and Development Program.  Specific Responsibilities of the R&D Committee include: Planning, developing and assuming overall responsibility of all research and development activities.


Mr. ZA Malik

 President Journalists Foundation JF

 Chairman Media Committee:
The Media Committee is the face of the institute and the primary role of the Media Committee is to establish links with the local media and provide regular reports and press releases on Institute news and activities. The Media Committee also provides internal and external media support for the events organized by the Institute.


Mr. Faisal Mehmood Bhatti


Chairman Strategic Information Technology Committee:

The Strategic Information Technology Committee (SIT) is the Institute’s senior IT governance team. The primary function of the SIT Committee is to align technology strategies and investments with the Institute’s strategic goals and priorities. The purpose of the Strategic Technology Committee (the “Committee”) is to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities with respect to the overall role of technology in executing the business strategy of the Institute including, but not limited to, major technology investment, technology strategy, operational performance and technology trends that may affect portfolio issues.