The Institute of Certified Internal Auditors (ICIA-PAKISTAN) is registered as not for Profit Organization under a license issued by the Registrar Joint Stock Company under the Societies Registration Act(Section XXI of 1860) Government of Pakistan. It  is the only Examining body for the  Internal Auditors, Management System Auditors, Information Technology Auditors and Internal Control Examiners in Pakistan. We are passionate about our members and our profession. Internal auditing is a dynamic, exciting career. It gives you unique insight in to your organization and its strategy. Internal auditors look at the big risks and issues that the organization faces and think about whether these are being well managed. And to do this you need to be well trained. That’s why internal auditors come to their Institute for qualifications, training, resources and other services.

ICIA-PAKISTAN is an international Examining body for all Global Certified Internal Auditors (Global-CIA), Certified Information Technology Auditors (CITA), Certified Management System Auditors (CMSA) and Certified Internal Control Examiner (CICE). The Institute was formed to foster interest in the national aspect of Internal Audit, Management System Audit, Information Technology Audit and Internal Control Audit equivalent to internationally accepted standards.

The governing body of the Institute is its ‘Council of Executive Members.’ The   Council is assembled to represent the internal auditing profession, fields of expertise and countries of operation. The Council is effectively the Institute’s ‘Governing Body and Board of Trustees’ and is responsible for determining policy and for management of the business of the Institute. The Council is lead by the President/Chairman. The Chief Executive, who is responsible for the operation of the organization, controls the secretariat of the Institute.

The Institute promotes and supports the advancement of the internal auditing, management system auditing, management system auditing, informational technology auditing and internal control profession in Pakistan and overseas. The ICIA-PAKISTAN ensures that its examinations and membership requirements support the development of the internal auditing profession in the countries in which it examines. Our students and members promote awareness of developments in internal auditing. Seminars and conferences on matters of current and future concern to the internal auditing profession are arranged from time to time. The high standard of the ICIA-PAKISTAN Examiner qualification is maintained by the independent and external moderation of the examinations.

A person who meets the education, experience and examination requirements of The Institute of Certified Internal Auditors (ICIA-PAKISTAN) is entitled to use the Examiner designations and add the letters “Global-CIA”, “CITA”, “CMSA” and “CICE” to their title.

Internal Auditors work throughout the world in industry, commerce, finance, government, public practice and the not-for-profit sector. ICIA-PAKISTAN’s Examiner education program is competency-based. Competency-based education requires candidates to perform tasks and roles to standards expected in the workplace.

A member must have graduate degree. Students normally require 24 months of supervised work experience in their respective field like internal audit, management, information technology and internal control. They may meet the experience requirements in any business sector and in a variety of fields.


The Institute of Certified Internal Auditors Pakistan (CIA-Pakistan) is the only registered   professional body of internal auditors of Pakistan focused exclusively on internal auditing, Information Technology Auditing, Management System Auditing and Internal Control Examination,  and we are passionate about supporting, promoting and training the professionals who work in it.

The Institute of Certified Internal Auditors Pakistan (CIA-Pakistan) is an  an independent  Professional body of Global-CIA, CITA, CMSA & CICE. We are not the part and affiliated with the Institute of Internal Auditors IIA USA, UK, Ireland and any other related CIA Association. The Institute is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.