The Institute works closely with the industrial, commercial and other professional institutions. It is committed to developing collaborative research links with them and to provide a research base with a powerful professional, vocational and academic character. It will respond to their needs as well as to the implication of new technology.

Part of what makes ICIA-PAKISTAN special is the wide global network of partners we work with. As an employer, a tuition provider, a careers adviser or course provider, you can help ICIA-PAKISTAN continue its work as the leading professional body of internal and management system auditors.

So we want to make sure you have everything you need to do your job and get the most of our partnership. You’ll find resources, information and advice below – if you can’t see what you’re looking for, please drop us an email.


Find out how hiring or training a Global Certified Internal Auditor (Global-CIA) can help your business thrive, whether you’re private or public sector, small company or big organization.


Arm yourself with the information and resources you need to give your students the best advice about their futures.


Discover how to join the ICIA-PAKISTAN Global Learning accreditation scheme and become an approved ICIA-PAKISTAN Authorized Tuition provider.


Get advice on running a small business – everything from growing your team and training staff to marketing online and securing a loan.


Wherever in the world you go, for business or leisure, you can take advantage of discounted rates on hotels, insurance and travel arrangements. Enjoy your time away, sit back, relax, and let our chosen partners look after the details for you.