Achieve ICIA Membership status without sitting exams

There is an experiential route to becoming a ICIA-PAKISTAN certification. Senior practitioners who can demonstrate their professional competence can become a member without sitting our exams.

After becoming ICIA-PAKISTAN certified member you will:

  • Earn the right to use the ICIA-PAKISTAN designation
  • Gain the recognition and prestige that comes with the membership.
  • Become a full voting member of the ICIA-PAKISTAN, and help to raise the profile and performance of internal audit.

Are you Eligible?


To be considered for this route you must have relevant experience of operating at head of internal audit level within an organization or in an equivalent role as an outsourced provider of internal audit services. You need to have had direct influence over the strategy of the organization or business unit.


It isn’t enough to have years of experience. You must be able to demonstrate your competence and adherence to the highest standards of professional practice.

How you will be assessed:

There are two assessment stages:

  1. Written application:

You will be required to write a detailed application that demonstrates your advanced professional competencies. We have provided a template to help you do this. You must also submit supporting details, which include the a sponsor and two referees, your CV and an organizational chart.

Your sponsor must be of good professional standing and they cannot be your line manager. Your referees should include your current/most recent line manager (or similar senior representative) and the audit committee chair.

The people you choose must have sufficient knowledge of your work to endorse your experience. The ICIA-PAKISTAN cannot assist with identifying suitable sponsors or referees.

  1. Panel Interview:

Candidates who meet the criteria will be invited to an interview by a panel comprising two assessors who are both chartered members.

The interview will be used to validate the evidence submitted at the application stage and to confirm that you meet the full range of knowledge and skills required. It will include a ten minute presentation on a topic chosen by the assessor. The interview will last for about 60-90 minutes.