ICIA-PAKISTAN certification programs are self study based but the institute offers the flexible study options for its students and members. Theoretical knowledge is mainly acquired by following correspondence courses and lecture programs. Practical training is acquired by working under the supervision of a member of the accountancy body accepted by the Institute.

Tuition providers offer various flexible study options to students, many of who choose to study on a part-time basis while working full-time, fulfilling their work experience requirements at the same time. Although working whilst studying for a professional qualification can be both demanding and time consuming, it is often to the students’ advantage, as they have the opportunity to implement what they learn in the classroom to real work situation.

ICIA-PAKISTAN will offer its own range of study materials; study texts and revision kits, tailored specifically to examination requirements of students. Study materials can be used in conjunction with a taught course or as self-study guides for those students unable to attend scheduled classes.

Flexible study options are provided by around the country, including full time, part time, weekend and distance learning options.

There is a trend to move towards blended learning services, where computer-based activities are integrated with practical or classroom-based situations. E-learning services have evolved since computers were first used in education.

Web-based education as an alternative to face-to-face teaching is now being extended as an application to higher education. Much effort is undertaken to provide multimedia rich, attractive content to learners. While the use of multimedia technologies has a noticeable effect on students’ learning,

E-learning and Online Learning using many different forms of technologies for delivery and interaction will be accomplished and will be in operation in a short time. This will allow the institute a convenient and effective means of delivery of teaching and learning materials to students at remote locations and students with hectic schedules so that learning can be done anywhere, anytime. Institute endeavors to become a virtual institution providing all kind of services to members and students at their doorsteps.