The success of your team depends on their continued growth as professionals accessing the latest information affecting the internal auditing profession. Put the full resources and unwavering support of the internal audit profession’s acknowledged leader at your team’s fingertips with Group Membership.

To qualify for Group Membership an employer would have three or more individuals to be members. The larger the group, the more savings apply. If all individuals are new members an application form for each individual will need to be filled out.

Existing members will need to be pro-rated in the first cycle of Group Membership, in order to have the same subscription date. A single payment from an employer covering all members will be invoiced.

How to apply:

Please contact our membership department to set up a Group Membership at

Group Membership Fees

The following discount would be given to the group of members. Membership fees are non-refundable or non-transferable.

Group Size                       Discount

    5 – 10
11 – 25
26 – 50