Achieving the ICIA-PAKISTAN holder status provides you with the recognition of a superior standard of applied knowledge that is essential –and in many countries a legal requirement– for working in domestic and international investment markets.

Your Mark of Superior Knowledge and Skill:

Achieving the AICIA holder status provides you with the recognition of a superior standard of applied knowledge that is essential for working in domestic and international investment markets.

Legal requirements:

Each day the mandatory requirements from domestic and international regulators emphasize the role of certifications such as CIA, Global-CIA etc for professionals who want to develop a career in financial markets. This trend is especially true for young professional with moderate or no experience in the market. The ICIA-PAKISTAN certifications will help you greatly to be able to work in this industry and raise your level as a financial executive.

Better employment prospects:

ICIA-PAKISTAN certification holders have a much higher employment rate than the sector mean, since they have greater and more valuable skills, knowledge and legal backing in their applications.

Moreover, ICIA-PAKISTAN certifications act as a passport for your career.


Internal auditors who join ICIA-PAKISTAN contribute to the standing of the internal audit profession in the community, as well as gaining the benefits provided by being part of a professional community.

Members of ICIA-PAKISTAN get a range of support; services and information which helps them perform their roles, improve their skills and knowledge, and keep up-to-date. ICIA-PAKISTAN also builds and promotes the value of the profession.

Member value promise:


  • Connects internal auditors with other internal audit professionals
  • Supports internal auditors’ personal and professional development goals
  • Advances the profession and practice of internal auditing

Professional standing

  • Promoting the value of internal auditing through our advocacy program.
  • Ensuring the profession is well represented across all sectors.
  • Fostering the development of the profession by bringing the profession’s leaders together through the dedicated efforts of our team and further advancement services..

Professional knowledge, guidance and information

  • ICIA-PAKISTAN maintains the global ‘International Professional Practices Framework’ (IPPF) comprising internal audit standards, practice advisories and practice guides.
  • Get immediate notification of professional guidance issued by the ICIA-PAKISTAN as it is published
  • Become involved in providing input into the ‘global standard’ setting bodies.
  • Use the online internal auditing knowledge centre where you can search and access documents and articles.
  • A free online subscription to the award winning Internal Auditor magazine – a leading source of news, information and global perspectives on risk, control and governance.
  • Access to ICIA-PAKISTAN’s reference collection.
  • Access to Global Auditing Information Network (GAIN) benchmarking reports. Compare your audit department functions with those of other organizations, network with peers in their industry, and share successful practices.

Professional development and growth

  • Maintain your CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (CPE) and keep up-to-date with courses, conferences, webinars and through our other information channels.
  • Participate in exclusive “Members Only Webinars” as part of your membership benefits that provide you with CPE opportunities without ever leaving your desk or paying additional fees.
  • Receive exclusive member rates, and access to member only events.
  • Choose from focused internal auditing courses for every stage of your career.
  • Access globally recognized certification and use the post-nominal upon successful completion.
  • Find your next job opportunity through ICIA-PAKISTAN job listings, placed by employers and recruiters who are seeking the highest caliber professional internal auditors.

Choose your membership

  • Become a PMICIA if you are an experienced internal auditor.
  • An AMICIA is for those on the path to becoming a CMIIA, or if you have an interest or involvement in internal auditing.
  • Student membership is for full-time students or full time international or distance students engaged in the study of internal auditing.

And send your updated resume to or visit the office.