Appeals and Complaints:

You have the right to appeal against any certification decision taken by ICIA-PAKISTAN. To do so, send an email for the attention of the Certification Manager to If this fails to resolve your appeal to your and ICIA-PAKISTANs mutual satisfaction, you will be referred to the ICIA-PAKISTAN complaints procedure.

Enforcement of certification:

ICIA-PAKISTAN reserves the right to suspend or withdraw certification for three reasons:

  • If you fail to meet the certification criteria for the grade to which you are certificated
  • If you breach the Code of Conduct
  • If you fail to pay the requisite fees


We consider all information, correspondence and documentation you submit to us in support of your certification activities as strictly confidential.

We reserve the right to publish relevant details of each certificated auditor in our directory.

We reserve the right to disclose details of your certification record to other auditor certification and accreditation bodies. We will do so with discretion and only in instances where we consider withholding this information will compromise the integrity of certification.

Legal status:

ICIA-PAKISTAN’s certification of auditors and all activities associated with the administration are governed in accordance with the laws of Pakistan and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Pakistani courts.


Fees are set annually and apply to the calendar year (1 January-31 December). Contact us direct or see our fees page for details of current fees applicable for your country.

Application and Re grade fees:

ICIA-PAKISTAN is unable to process applications before the application or regrade fee is paid. Application and regrade fees are not refundable, regardless of the outcome of applications. There is no regrade fee if we regrade you at recertification.

Annual certification fee:

ICIA-PAKISTAN will invoice you for your annual certification fee when we first offer you certification, and each year thereafter. We will send you a reminder three months before your annual certification fee is due. We will issue your ICIA-PAKISTAN card upon receipt of your fee.

Failure to pay your fees within 28 days of them being due will result in withdrawal of your certification.