A Fellow has been a professional or associate member of the Institute of Certified Internal Auditors – Pakistan continuously for at least 10 years.
Members who have transferred from other national or International Internal Audit bodies can also be considered.

How to become a Fellow

Fellowship is awarded by the Council of Directors. It is an honored position, and a public acknowledgement of a member’s significant experience and achievements. Fellows of the ICIA-PAKISTAN can use the designation FICIA or FCIA.

Fellowship by Nomination:

You may nominate yourself for Fellowship if you are already a Global Certified Internal Auditor and can demonstrate exceptional service or contribution within the profession.

If your Fellowship is awarded, you will be able to use the designation FICIA or FCIA.

Other routes to Fellowship:

The majority of Fellowships will made through the nomination process above. In exceptional circumstances the Council may award Fellowship through election or honorary fellowship.

Fellowship by election is for people who are not eligible for Fellowship by nomination, but who have made a significant contribution to the profession.  Members who have been designated Fellows of the ICIA-PAKISTAN in this way may use the designation FICIA or FCIA.

Honorary Fellowship is reserved for people of influence who have contributed either directly or indirectly to the profession of internal auditing, but who are not practicing internal auditors. It carries no voting rights, and does not make the recipient a member of the ICIA-PAKISTAN.

Due to the exceptional nature of these types of Fellowship, they are instigated solely by the Council.

Submit your application, plus a reference attesting to your technical competence, and a reference attesting to your good character. If you are not already a PMICIA you can apply for professional membership at the same time.

How to apply

To become a Fellow complete the application form and submit to the office of the Institute of Certified Internal Auditors (ICIA-PAKISTAN) or email to