The ICIA-PAKISTAN is an independent, not for profit professional organization formed with the view to promote the art and science of internal auditing, management system auditing, information technology auditing and internal control expertise and to provide quality education and training for students to advance their knowledge, skills and capabilities to meet the changing needs of modern society. It is a professional institute with international perspectives, dedicated to the promotion of the highest accounting, auditing and ethical standards. It is committed to play a major role in human resource development in Pakistan and around the world.

Organizations around the world recognize the value of using management systems to control business risk and contribute value. They rely on skilled professionals to assess the performance of their management practices to enhance efficiency and credibility.

ICIA-PAKISTAN’s mission is to:

  • Instill confidence in accredited certification worldwide by improving the performance of auditors
  • To promote, uphold, and maintain high standards in the accountancy profession; to serve the best interest of the members and the stakeholders; and to contribute to the attainment of the national and global goals.
  • These can be achieved through a responsive organizational structure, committed leadership, effective professional development programs, strict implementation of professional ethics,
  • Promotion of high standards of accounting education, and advocacy of and participation in relevant national concerns.
  • Associate the ICIA-PAKISTAN name with integrity, best practice and adding value
  • Promote internal auditing, management system auditing, information technology auditing and internal control as a valued profession
  • Provide an excellent administration service to all our stakeholders, which sets a benchmark for others to follow
  • Improve the standard of internal auditors and auditor training
  • Make ICIA-PAKISTAN certification available to all relevant organizations and individuals worldwide
  • Promote best practice in internal and management system auditing
  • The mission of The Institute of Certified Internal Auditors is to provide dynamic leadership for the global profession of internal auditing. Activities in support of this mission will include, but will not be limited to:
  • Advocating and promoting the value internal audit professionals add to their organizations.
  • Providing comprehensive professional educational and development opportunities, standards and other professional practice guidance, and certification programs.
  • Researching, disseminating, and promoting knowledge concerning internal auditing and its appropriate role in control, risk management, and governance to practitioners and stakeholders.
  • Educating practitioners and other relevant audiences on best practices in internal auditing.
  • Bringing together internal auditors from all countries to share information and experiences.

ICIA-PAKISTAN has earned a reputation for integrity, contributing value and best practice in very short time. The evaluation and certification methods developed and used by ICIA-PAKISTAN have been adopted as the industry standard model used by other internal audit, management system audit and information technology audit certification bodies, which indicates that we remain the auditor certification that supplier organizations, certification bodies and auditors value most.

Many ICIA-PAKISTAN certified internal auditors, management auditors, information system auditors and internal control professionals become members of the other professional bodies to increase their professional recognition.