ICIA-PAKISTAN Professional Membership:

A PMICIA or Professional Member, Institute of Certified Internal Auditors – Pakistan has demonstrated they have the competence to practice effectively as a professional internal auditor, and may use the post-nominal PMICIA.

The PMICIA was established, as ICIA-Pakistan’s professional membership level, to strengthen the quality of the internal audit profession and meet the demands on the profession as a key player in best practice corporate governance. The PMICIA provides employers, peers and the community with a measure of the individual internal auditor’s professional competence, experience, commitment to implementing the IPPF internal audit standards and continuing professional development.


To become a PMICIA, you will need to have:

  • a minimum of 24 months work experience in an internal auditing role, or other professional area, within the last five years and satisfactorily completed one of the following:
  • Global Certified Internal Auditors (Global-CIA) program .
  • an assessment of current competence 
  • declared you will practice in accordance with the IIA’s International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF)

To maintain your PMICIA, you need to:

  • make an annual declaration to practice in accordance with the IPPF
  • abide by the ICIA Code of Ethics, and not bring ICIA-Pakistan into disrepute
  • complete 80 hours of CPE every two years.

IIA-Pakistan post-nominal may only be used by the members. A PMICIA, whose membership lapses must reapply and be assessed again, to be recognized as a PMICIA.

How to apply:

To become a PMICIA complete the membership application form.

To become an PMICIA complete the membership application formIf you have already the membership of Global Certified Internal Auditor (Global-CIA), then you would have the opportunity to get the discount on Associate membership.

You can email your updated resume to or visit the office for the further assistance.