ICIA-PAKISTAN exam are conducted in June and December. All Program exams are conducted at the end of the semester. Each subject exam is three hours and 15 minutes duration. There is no official reading time. All ICIA-PAKISTAN Program exams are “open book” and based on the study guide and material on My Online Learning that is noted as examinable. For Singapore Taxation, candidates can take into the exam the Tax Acts as referenced under the recommended texts section of the Singapore Taxation study guide.

For more information on exam structure for each subject, you should contact the concerned department.

Sitting a computer-based exam:

Computer based exams are available in many locations, and ICIA-PAKISTAN is committed to increasingly the availability of computer-based exams over the coming semesters.

Sitting a paper-based exam:

ICIA-PAKISTAN paper- based exams are conducted in major cities of Pakistan.

Identification documentation (ID) for your exam:

When attending a computer-based or a paper-based exam, without the correct ID on exam day, you won’t be able to sit your exam.
You must bring two forms of current and original ID to the exam:

  1. Your primary ID must contain your photograph.
    2. Your secondary ID must contain either your photograph or signature.

The name on the ID must match the name on your member profile with ICIA-PAKISTAN.

Examples of documents you can use are listed below.

Primary ID

  • Driver’s Licence
  • Learner’s Permit (plastic card only with photo and signature)
  • National/State/Country Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Passport cards
  • Military ID
  • Military ID for spouses and dependents
  • Employee ID
Secondary ID

  • Debit (ATM) Card
  • Credit Cards
  • Social Security Card
  • Any form of Primary ID

Special consideration:

You may be eligible to defer or cancel your enrolment if your personal circumstances change due to:

  • a medical condition
  • personal hardship
  • a clash with another exam, or where your exam clashes with a significant personal event

If you sit your exam, you may be eligible to apply for special consideration if your exam preparation or exam sit was affected by:

  • a medical condition
  • personal hardship
  • late receipt of segment materials
  • an exam incident

Note: A heavy workload or work travel requirements are not eligible criteria for special consideration.

Reasonable adjustments (Formerly special arrangements):

You should contact ICIA-PAKISTAN immediately upon enrolment to advise any reasonable adjustments you might require. All requests must be accompanied by supporting medical evidence and emailed to

You can apply for reasonable adjustments up until the closing date.

Exam results:

Exam results are presented with a scaled score. Scaled scoring is a best practice approach used in large scale testing programs where there are multiple versions of an exam for the same subject. As there may be minor variances in exam difficulty, a scaled score ensures that your exam result accurately reflects your exam performance, regardless of the exam version you sat.